This blog is intended as a running commentary on the implementation and evolution of sdvig press. It hopes to inform on current and future developments, to discuss the varied problems we encounter (with regard to financing, infrastructure, copyright), to elicit reactions both positive and critical and to start building a network not only of interested scholars but also of open access evangelists and digital humanists.

sdvig press is a non-profit association under Swiss law founded in 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland. Our core mission is to support the dissemination and linking of knowledge in the Humanities between Eastern, Central and Western Europe. We carry out our goals by re-issuing and translating significant works of scholarship from the 19th and 20th century, publishing and translating contemporary research, as well as providing a multilingual on-line archive of relevant sources that will include aggregated contents (bibliographies, quotation indexes, etc.), advanced full-text search tools as well as open commentary and peer-reviewing functions.

Although sdvig press is a fundamentally multilingual project, this blog will be available only in English.

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